Dear Customer, Please read the following terms carefully before using our services.
Every visit to our site, as well as shopping, means that you have read these terms and agree fully with them. If the conditions for you are unacceptable, please do not use the site

These general terms of use of the Internet sale of women’s fashion footwear stipulate the basic rules which will be respected by SOLO o.r. Belgrade, based in ul. Makenzijeva br. 72, activity Manufacture of footwear and leather goods, activity code 1520, registration number 53826873, PIB 102199422, web address, contact e-mail (hereinafter: Seller) and end user (hereinafter referred to as: Buyer) will be ensured successful completion of sales transactions through On-line sales of an online store.

The general terms and conditions of the dealer’s business herein serve to make the buyer aware in a clear and unambiguous way of the conditions under which the conclusion of a contract of sale, the manner of concluding such a contract, all the rights and obligations of the buyer during the purchase of goods, as well as notifications which the seller must contact customers before concluding a contract.

Failure to observe the rules herein may result in non-execution of a payment transaction or an unsuccessful order.

The Rulebook also specifies the consequences that in the event of non-execution of a transaction or failed orders, the Seller and the Buyer bear the responsibility.

The Seller reserves the right to change the terms of use, depending on the change in the offer of its services and / or applicable legal regulations.

The general terms and conditions of the seller’s business herein are an integral part of the sales contract that will be concluded between the seller and the buyer.

The buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the information that the seller has pointed out on his website, check all information related to the business conditions, and to comply with the procedure for concluding a purchase contract.

All orders through Internet sales are binding on the Buyer and the Seller simultaneously.

For additional information regarding the order, as well as in case of complaint or cancellation of orders, customers / customers can contact the Customer Service by sending mail to or by calling +381 11 344 19 99 (Monday-Friday, 8-15h).

The Buyer undertakes to follow the following procedure when ordering on the Internet:

Step 1 – Getting to know the general conditions of the dealer’s business, notifying the seller about the basic information, getting acquainted with the right to unilaterally terminate this contract and the text of the form that is filled in during the unilateral termination of the contract, getting acquainted with all the rights and obligations of the buyer, which is all very ambiguous a way outlined on the seller’s website;
Step 2 – logging in to the portal
Step 3 – Select the model and quantity of the goods by placing in the user basket
Step 4 – Check / Write Data for Delivery (in the case of delivery to another address)
Step 5 – Choose your payment method
Step 6 – Payment with a bank card in case of choosing such a payment method
Step 7 – Verify the return message from the Seller – confirm the order and proceed in accordance with the content of the message.
One person can order more products in one transaction.

When the customer performs all of the above steps, he is considered to have forwarded to the seller the order.

The seller is obliged to confirm to the buyer the order within 2 business days from the moment of the receipt of the order or to notify the buyer within the same deadline that he is unable to deliver the ordered goods. The seller will ensure that the availability of the ordered item is checked as soon as possible. If all the conditions for the purchase are secured, the seller will send the confirmation of the order to the e-mail address that the buyer has indicated at the registration, thus accepting the bid for the conclusion of the contract. The contract is considered concluded only when the seller sends an e-mail in which the customer notifies the delivery date of the ordered item.

If the seller is not able to provide the ordered item, he will send an e-mail informing the buyer that the item is no longer available and that the order has been canceled. In that case, the contract will not be concluded.

Product prices are clearly displayed on the seller’s website. All prices are shown with VAT included. The seller reserves the right to change prices without prior notice, as well as the right to add or withdraw from the offer of any item, at any time.

Payment is made in the following two ways by the customer’s choice:

I will pay – cash, at the same time with the delivery of goods to the buyer;
payment card before delivery of goods to the buyer;

When the payment of goods is carried out in return, the buyer is obliged to pay the goods ordered to the seller simultaneously with the delivery of the ordered goods.